My CXL Institute Scholarship Journey; The Big List Part 3.

  • Over an initial range, women require no further compensation for the introduction of ambiguity whereas men do.
  • Curiosity increases attention, thus is induced by mild doses of uncertainty.
  • Our behaviour: When we’re successful at something, we become convinced that we will be successful at that same thing again.
  • The behaviour of others: When we see others being successful with certain behaviour, we become convinced that we’ll also be capable of success with that behaviour.
  • Rewarding feedback: Positive feedback contributes to the idea that we can achieve our goal by persisting.
  • We notice them,
  • they bring the desired behaviour into our conscious awareness, and most importantly:
  • the triggers happen at a moment when we are both motivated and able to perform the behaviour.
  • We notice it,
  • it levers one or more relevant motivations, and most importantly,
  • the trigger occurs at a moment when we’re both motivated and able to perform that behaviour.




A digital marketing specialist.

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Ajibode Olayinka

Ajibode Olayinka

A digital marketing specialist.

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